Participant Countries:

Argentina, Brasil, Bulgaria, China, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Ukraine, United-Kingdom, United-States (Alphabetcally Ordered, 18 country)


Biga International Eurasian Archery Competitions and Festivals (ETRAC) will be held on 7-8-9 August 2015.
Competitions and festivals are organised by Biga District with the permission of Traditional Sport Federation and with the support of Turkish Archery Federation.
As the last year the competiton area is Granikos Battlefield where Alexander the Great fought with Darius.
August 7th, Friday : There will be dinner to meet at Biga Balıkkaya Tepe Restaurant. Then, Janissary Band, Sword-Shield Team, and rider team will walk to the town centre.
August 8th, Saturday : In the morning at 8 there will be breakfast. At 08:30 the trip to Troy will start. At 09:30 Mounted Archery and Ground Archery competitions will start. At 13:00 free time and lunch. During the lunch, Janissary Band, Sword and Shield, and Traditional Folk dance performances will take place. At 14:30 competitions will restart and will last till evening. Dinner will be served at the hotels.
August 9th, Sunday : At 10:00 the programme will start with the traditional village breakfast at competition area. At 12:00, arrow rain will be done for the 100th memory of Gallipoli Wars. Each archer will spin arrow. There will be communication information on it. Each archer will take one from the mixed arrows. So there will be fellowship of the arrows. At 12:30 Archery, Mounted Archery, Mounted Acrobatics, Sword-Shield, Janissary Band,etc. will be held. At 15:00, Reward Ceremony and at 16:00, Demonstration of the Granikos War will be held. I request the archers and mounted archers, who attended the competitions to take part during the demonstration of the Granikos War.

It will be great honour for us to host you. 130 foreigners from 21 countries,and more than 400 Turkish sportsmen from each parts of our country honoured us in 2014. This year, we are getting ready for the Biga Archery Organisation with great enthusiasm.
The Ground archers who will attend the competitions should contact to Ömer Koç, the General Secretary of Turkish Archery Federation via (Konya).
I request the foreign archers to register via They can contact with Metin Ateş via
I thank to all our friends who worked hard for this organization.

We are looking forward to seeing you.
Thanks for sharing our excitement.
See you on 7-8-9 August in Biga.

District Governor of Biga

Information for International Guests

We are very happy to meet you in 6th Eurasian Traditional Archery Competitions (ETRAC) will be held in Biga city between 7th and 9th August, 2015.
We may take your registration without any problem and we will arrange your accommodation, meals, etc. Additionally we will organise your free shuttle from Bandirma port, or arrange other meeting options. So we want to inform you again WE WILL NOT WELCOME YOU IN THE AIRPORT.

Please let us your local arrival info to assist you:


Although you may already informed us about your Ferry/Bus arrival by mail, please kindly inform us again for confirmation via that form against any mistake. Thank you for your cooperation.
If you will not meet with Ferry Schedule, you should use Coach (Intercity Bus) to come Biga. You can find arrival info via click here

If you use your private vehicle to arrive in Turkey, we can meet you in there in 3 options:

  • Please inform any near governmental place (City Governor’s Office, and Police station) they will assist you to go proper place.
  • If you arrive near 20:00 for Friday, please contact with us.

Thank you for your valuable contribution,

Z. Metin ATES